The Structured Creditor Reference
  for Remittance Information

The Structured Creditor Reference is the most interesting development on the collection side ever made. It can be used for both cross-border and domestic payment transactions.


The Structured Creditor Reference is coded information about a supplier's invoice. It is not equal to invoice or customer number, but also these parameters may be included. Due to the check digits each invoice has its own unique “reference code”, which makes handling in STP (Straight Through Processing) easier and enables automated reconciliation. The Structured Creditor Reference can be used both in B-2-B or B-2-C context.  EPC is recommending the Creditor Reference.
Structure of Creditor Reference

Benefits to


  • Developing Vendors reconcilation process, improve STP level
  • More efficient matching process, fewer errors 
  • Building Collection Factory
  • Support eInvoice (or direct debt)
  • More efficient payment processing, less mistakes for payer side.
  • Developing Purchase ledger – eInvoice processing
  • Support Payment Factory and centralisation.
  • Competitive advantage
  • Supports customers cash management process
  • Opportunity to become customers “Collection Bank”


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